Why am I being charged?

Our subscribers count on us to keep them informed no matter where they are, and we will still continue to deliver the news to them – just in the digital format – while they are gone. In addition, there is a great deal of handling and process to properly start and stop production and delivery of scheduled delivery, and the effects are also felt on a day-to-day basis for our staff – including agents, carriers, delivery drivers, and more) that are affected when our production changes.

Each and every week the Star Tribune processes more than 6,300 vacation stops and a like amount of vacation restarts. With each stop, numerous departments in the Company are impacted. This includes the call center, the production department, and Fleet transportation personnel. It also creates a strain on our carriers and increases variances in their route lists every day. Interestingly, about 75% of our subscribers do not stop their paper for vacation during any given year. That means the almost 13,000 vacation stops and restarts we get each week are coming from only 25% of subscribers, some of which stop and restart multiple times a year.


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